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Bejeweled Classic unblocked, the immortal match-3 puzzle game is back to take over your life and make you see gems falling in your mind. Online games free
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Prepare to be consumed! Bejeweled Classic, the immortal match-3 puzzle game is back to take over your life and make you see gems falling in your mind. If you are an old school player feeling nostalgic or just a child who has caught the bug too early, then this guide will help you unlock your genius in Bejeweled.

Know the Rules of Bejeweled

It’s simple – swap jewels and create sparkling matches of three or more. These are some examples of the most popular modes:

  • Classic: Do it faster than time itself! Strategically match up colors to fill up a progress bar before time runs out.
  • Zen: No clock, just relax while sharpening your skills in matching precious stones.
  • Lightning: Go fast! Collect as many points as possible within seconds for an amazing high score chance.

The Special Gems that will make You Become Bejeweled Pro

Watch those scores go through the roof by mastering them:

  • Flame Gems: Make L or T shapes on these explosive beauties to clear surrounding objects.
  • Star Gems: Making four-in-a-row matches creates them which can blow out whole rows or columns.
  • Hypercubes: Match five for this ultimate gem and wipe off a large area of the board at a go.

Expert Strategies: Beyond The Basics

Look for ways triggering massive chain reactions that maximize scoring:

Plan Your Cascades

Find moves that can trigger huge cascades thus yielding more points when executed properly.

Bottom Row Wins

Getting combinations near the bottom messes with things further up and allows possibilities for combos.

Secret Power-The ‘No Match’ Shuffle

While swapping without matching anything does not at first glance seem logical, repeated swapping often subtly changes the board, making it possible to find new moves.

Now Play Bejeweled Classic Unblocked – Anytime, Anywhere

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The Timeless Attraction of Bejeweled Classic

What keeps us coming back? It is that perfect combination of simplicity, stunning graphics and the extreme satisfaction that comes from blowing up things in a sequence. However, Bejeweled Classic is here to show that some of the greatest games are really meant only for quick plays at any given time.

Become A Mastermind In Bejeweled!

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