Jetpack Joyride Unblocked

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Have you ever dreamt of stealing an ultra-fast jetpack and causing total mayhem in a laboratory?  Well, Barry Steakfries did – and now you can join him!  Prepare to enjoy the ride of your life with Jetpack Joyride Unblocked on

Jetpack Joyride: What is it and Why Will You Play it for Hours?

Barry Steakfries is the main character in Jetpack Joyride. In a twist of events, he finds himself interested in using a jetpack. It’s all about flying through a futuristic lab where lasers, zappers as well as some confused scientists are at every corner. It’s simple, utterly addictive to play not forgetting that it will make you smile ear to ear.

Jetpack Joyride: Tips and Tricks to Rule the Lab

  • Master The Coins: They are what give you upgrades or power-ups when you die – collect as many as possible!
  • “The Bad Luck Bear”: You wouldn’t believe it but sometimes starting off with this gadget feelings like crashing lands one forward through insane coin showers.
  • Prioritize Vehicle Upgrades: Changing rides such as Profit Bird can be very important because they allow more coins and longer travel time.

The Awesome Quirks of Gadgets & Jet Packs

There’s classic machine-gun jet pack or defy gravity using a bubble, every new unlock is another source of fun. Try new ones!

Missions and Challenges for the Extra Driven

Need more goals? Missions provide special tasks with great rewards, adding extra taste to each trip.

Are You Ready for Your Fix of Jetpack Joyride?

If you are looking for an action packed adventure with tons of laughs and just a hint of science lab destruction then Jetpack Joyride Unblocked on is perfect for you.


So what’s holding you back? Let your inner jet pack hero out with Jetpack Joyride Unblocked on It guarantees infinite joy, surprises that will make you laugh your head off as well avoiding zappers at all costs!

As a player, one has a chance to play an adventurous game called Jetpack Joyride which takes place in lab environment with high-speed adventures that are enriched with gadgets and done by Barry Steakfries. However, this is not all about dodging lasers, and picking up power-ups – the digital journey continues. For people who want a move away from the physics defying excitement to a more narrative driven experience, there is Amanda The Adventure, which awaits them. In this case, instead of listening to the noise from jetpacks there will be entertaining suspense based on narratives; inviting players into the world of enigmatic interactive stories.