Sort the Court! Unblocked

Sort the Court! Unblocked: Dragons, peasants, and absurd choices await! Your decisions shape your kingdom – will it thrive or fall in hilarious chaos?
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We live in an immense universe of computer games where one can find an absolute gem that offers a unique and rewarding experience to the players. Sort the Court! is more than a game; it is a pleasant trip that puts players into the shoes of a merciful ruler who must make decisions affecting the destiny of his kingdom. Despite its apparent simplicity or casualness, Sort the Court! imparts valuable life lessons which extend beyond its virtual domain.


Get prepared for laughter, thinking and consequences: this is what you will be facing in Sort the Court! This seemingly simple game hides a lot of strategic intricacy behind funny situations. You shape your realm as you play through simple yes-or-no decisions as newly crowned leader of eccentric medieval kingdom.

What Makes Sort the Court! So Addictive?

  • Unpredictable Humor: Every request can have humorous elements from love-sick serfs to dragons with stomach ache. Its writing sparkles with witty charm and playful tone.
  • Surprising Consequences: Your choices matter. Saying yes without giving it thought could give rise to revolt or dearth of livestock while filling up your treasury.
  • Quick and Compelling Gameplay: Each new playthrough brings quick bursts of scenarios that are full of punch. It’s ideal for short spans but keep answering one more call!

Mastering Your Rule in Sort the Court!

  • Resource Management 101: Gold, food, and citizen happiness are like blood running into veins of your kingdom. Neglect any at own peril, inviting rebellions or worse!
  • Foresight is a Superpower: Consider both near-term gain potential fallout from different choices made now. There can be unseen results well past that point when such kind-hearted decision was announced.
  • Don’t Be Afraid to Fail: Being able to watch your empire crumble under hubris factor is one part fun here. Make mistakes so you do better next time (and have a good laugh about it).
  • Find Your Playstyle: Do you hunger for everyone being well fed? Would you like to become the richest ruler that ever lived? On the other hand, do you prefer to just create some amusing chaos? How you play will largely influence your experience.


Sort the Court! is a comedic storm, mixed with strategic choices and a touch of capriciousness. If you love the quirky decision-making of Sort the Court!, you might also enjoy other delightful indie gems like Jacksmith, where you play a blacksmith crafting weapons for adventurers. Whether one is a veteran of strategy games or new to this genre, I can easily recommend this great little indie gem.