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Weddle Unblocked: Football fan or not, this word-puzzle twist will hook you. Guess the NFL player with strategic clues. Play for free on
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Weddle Unblocked is a twist on the popular game Wordle. Instead of guessing a word, the players will have eight chances to guess who is in the mystery photo. Players need to use their extensive NFL knowledge and puzzle-solving skills to win this game that tests your memory while also being an intriguing mind teaser.


Attention football fanatics and lovers of word puzzles! If you’re tired of having to choose between your two passions then it seems like you’ve been waiting for Weddle Unblocked. Now available on, this game takes the popular formula from Wordle, but gives it an exciting twist with the NFL.

What is Weddle Unblocked?

Imagine a daily word puzzle where the answer was always one current or former NFL player. Once guessed, clues will be given about their position, division, team, height and weight. The mission is to figure out who they are in six guesses or less!

Having something “unblocked” is essential if you’re at school or work with restricted internet access. Sites like allow people to play games without any limitations.

The Addictive Power of game

Daily Dose of Gridiron Trivia: A new NFL player each day keeps your football knowledge up-to-date.

The “Aha!” Moment: It’ll be hard to beat the satisfaction that comes when you finally decode all of those clues.

Wordsmiths Meets Football Fanatics: This game marries two loves into one perfect match for fans of Wordle and football alike.

How To Play On

Go to

Search for “Weddle”

Start guessing away as you channel your inner football expert

Weddle Unblocked Pro Tips

  • Focus on Position and Division: These two clues will cut down your options significantly.
  • Remember the Past: Weddle has had a history of repeating divisions and conferences, so that could be a clue within itself.
  • Ask for Help: If you’re completely stumped then try to do a targeted search with your given clues. For example: “NFC West offensive tackle 6’5”…”

A Word Puzzle Lover’s Review

“I’ve been hooked on Wordle for a while now, but Weddle really takes it to another level. It lets me test my NFL knowledge in fun bite-sized pieces!” — Sarah P., dedicated football fan


Weddle Unblocked is a player guessing game that’s taken the world by storm. It’s simple, addictive gameplay has made it one of the hottest games around right now. So whether you’re a huge football fan or just looking to be entertained, Weddle  is worth checking out.

Round up your friends and see who can guess the most players correctly in this exciting game. If you want to really challenge yourself, try to beat your own personal high score and become a Weddle Unblocked champion. Brag about it on social media and use the hashtag so we can see how far you went!