Biozombie of Evil

Survive the zombie apocalypse in Biozombie of Evil Unblocked! Navigate through levels, defeat undead enemies, and save the world. Play now for free to day.
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In the name of humanity, you, as an individual, have to shoot at zombies with your guns! Evil Biozombie is a fascinating zombie shooter with lots of action and strategic upgrades to make it suitable for fast playing on such sites as

Intense Zombie-Slaying Action

Imagine this: an abandoned metropolis enveloped in a fog that is home to countless numbers of hideous and persistent zombies. And so, as an experienced survivor; one kills these hordes mercilessly through gunpowder. Each level in Biozombie challenges you to wipe out undead hordes ranging from slow-moving imbeciles to surprisingly agile mutants. Keep changing your tactics until you make it; see how sharp your eyes are!

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Arm Yourself for the Apocalypse

Start with a pistol that never fails you then explore other more disastrous weapons. Shotguns will enable you kill multiple zombies quickly at close range. It can be fully automatic assault rifles that gives you more than enough bullets per second to kill many zombies or maybe explosives which cause most destruction possible-choose your own style of killing the undead in Biozombie of Evil! For instance, upgrading your favorites will boost their damage power, ammunition amount and reloading speed!

Unique Features: Specific Powerups and Different Missions

For Evil Biozombie of, the author throws in a curveball.  Grab invincibility or super high rate of fire for a limited time to save your life when everything looks gloomy.  Don’t just shoot people in missions; some levels make you hold some key positions or even save other human beings which makes gameplay diverse.

Why Play Biozombie of Evil on

Biozombie of Evil is an online game that can be enjoyed on due to its compelling action:

  • Instant access – Starts blasting zombies right away, no downloads or installations required.
  • Sound gameplay Completely optimized for playing it, so NO lags and technical issues will ever happen.
  • Accessibility: Can be played from anywhere including PCs with little or no permissions for games download.

The Verdict

If you are into shooting games and find pleasure in mowing down armies of those walking deads, you really should check out Biozombie of Evil. It is about intense gunning along with weapon mods and multiple tasks.