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Drive, kill and survive the zombie apocalypse in Earn to Die 2012 Unblocked! Upgrade your car, overcome the crowd and conquer. games now on UnblockedGamesAZ.net
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The entire world has been destroyed by a relentless zombie apocalypse. You are trapped in the desert with nothing but an old beat-up vehicle and a glimmer of hope. That’s the premise of Earn to Die 2012, a fast-paced side-scrolling game that turns an old car into an anti-zombie vehicle.

Our focus at UnblockedGamesAZ.net is giving you the best free gaming experiences possible and Earn to Die 2012 fits perfectly in that category. Prepare for engine roars, heavy metal music, and vehicular destruction!

What is Earn to Die 2012?

Earn to die 2021 leaves you in a chaotic world where zombies have taken over everything. Your mission? Drive through zombies as far as possible before your car (or even your bravery) breaks down. Each successful attempt earns you money which means more fun for you.

Improve your heap with gigantic motors, strengthened shielding layers, bigger fuel reservoirs and many other tools for killing zombies. It’s ultimate vehicular customization aimed at surviving the end times in style.
This game’s gameplay is addictive like those of arcade games – gamers will always want “one more game” so as to beat their own records and unlock harder levels yet to be played.If you enjoy the vehicle customization and wacky physics of Earn to Die 2012, you’ll love Eggy Car! In this hilarious game, your mission is to protect a fragile egg while navigating crazy obstacle courses in your custom-built contraption. It’s another gaming gem you can find on UnblockedGamesAZ.net!

How to Play Earn to Die 2012 on UnblockedGamesAZ.net

Want to start killing zombies right away? You’ve got it! Our website is the best place for you to play Earn to Die 2012 as it offers direct access – just find the game and start playing. It is ideal for those times when you need a quick gaming fix at school, work or any other place where internet may be restricted. In fact, we also prioritize your safety by ensuring that our games are free from virus and malware so that you can have peace of mind. Not only this but if you love Earn to Die 2012, there are a whole bunch of similar titles in our library – more zombie-filled mayhem, adrenaline-pumping racing games and much more!

Quick Start Guide

Driving your death-mobile in Earn to Die 2012 is a piece of cake:

  • Step on It: Use your arrow keys (or the on-screen controls for mobile) to hit those gas pedals.
  • Tilting: Control the angle at which your vehicle lands after jumping through zombies.
  • Speed Boost : If you have bought one, use it wisely for more speed or removing difficult obstacles.

Tips to Survive Longer in Earn to Die 2012

At first every penny counts. This is how you can get more cash out of your early runs:

  • Priority Upgrades: Look at upgrading engine, gearbox and fuel tank before anything else. You will progress further thus earning more money for other upgrades later on.
  • Work those Hills: By using slopes, you’ll be able crush additional zombies upon landing while saving fuel.
  • Arms Forethoughts: Your starter gun packs quite a punch. Unless it absolutely needs upgrading right now think about where such funds might be better placed instead.
  • Fuel Economy: In some cases you may prefer playing cautiously so as not run out of steam midway through a level but rather ensure that you reach that next checkpoint.

Why Earn to Die 2012 is a Classic

Although it appears quite simple, Earn to Die 2012 has a special place in the hearts of many players. For some, it serves as a nostalgic reminder of days gone by when Flash games were at their zenith. This gameplay’s basics – driving, crushing zombies, upgrading, and repeating – delivers that perfect intersection of being easy-to-learn but hard-to-master. Furthermore, who doesn’t enjoy being able to run over hordes of undead with a souped-up monster truck? When the game was at its height in popularity, countless imitations sprang up around it guaranteeing its place in internet gaming history.


Earn to Die 2012 is an insane ride where you get to kill zombies and cause chaos through vehicles. It can easily take hours trying to master your zombie-smashing skills if you are brave enough. In addition, UnblockedGamesAZ.net offers you an opportunity to play this classic for free without any blocks and just one click away.