Moto X3M Pool Party

Get ready for endless fun with Moto X3M Pool Party Unblocked! Speed through waterpark-themed courses, perform stunts & race to the finish line. Play now free!
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If you want to experience a crazy ride on bikes during the summer season then get set for a plunge in Moto X3M Pool Party! This browser-game brings out the craziest stunts, levels that are hard to beat and pure splashy fun all at once. You can as well play Moto X3M Pool Party on perfect for moments when you need to have some quick gaming moments.

What is Moto X3M Pool Party?

This time it is called “Pool party” as it is another version of the popular series of games – now there are pools instead of dry tracks. On these 22 challenging levels your motorbike will race among huge dangerous slides into water, spinning wheels, trampolines bouncing high and more. And your aim should be really simple in this amazing online flash game – race across each level reaching the finish line as quickly as possible performing insane tricks in order to decrease time left till bonus points.

Why You’ll Love Moto X3M Pool Party

  • Thrilling tricks: Learn how to do front or back flips mid-flight and save seconds on your time.
  • Bizarre stages: Every new level offers different challenges that might result in spectacular fails or incredible wins like floating trampolines or loop-the-loops!
  • Chill unlockables: Earn stars which give you an opportunity to use other cool bikes (mine is jet ski-style) and even swimming outfits to put on by driving them all over.

Moto X3M Pool Party Pro Tips

  • Master the Nosedive: Just tap the front brake before a jump to make a nosedive and take a huge leap.
  • Level 16 Shortcut: In case you manage to jump precisely at the right time, you can skip all other parts of the level with the giant rotating fan and dive straight into finish line!
  • Embrace the Wipeouts: Failures are actually fun in this game and sometimes it will lead to unexpected shortcuts via crazy crashes.

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Challenging gameplay combined with hilarious wipeouts makes up the heartwarming summer game called Moto X3m pool party. So do not waste time just go through website and start playing now!