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Maze Control is a game where you will maneuver a ball through mazes that change every now and then using the tilt or precise controls. Sounds straight forward.
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Be prepared to engage in an exciting journey which will require you to be physically agile. In Maze Control, you have to steer a ball through constantly changing mazes by tilting or using accurate controls. Isn’t it simple? But don’t get fooled – this game that is hard to give up will put under scrutiny your hand-eye coordination, spatial perception and perseverance with more complex labyrinths as the time goes on.

What is Behind the Mind-Bending Blast of Maze Control

  • Addictive & Rewarding: You get addicted to it because it is easy to learn but difficult to master. When you overcome each maze, it feels like you have accomplished a great feat.
  • The Ultimate Brain Workout: You will improve your ability to solve puzzles and problems, spatial thinking and visualizing solutions while playing Maze Control.
  • For Puzzle Lovers of All Ages: It is great for children thanks to its intuitive controls but adults can still find satisfaction in the advanced levels.

Maze Control Mastery: Tips & Techniques

  • Patience is Key: To understand how to maneuver the globe to its place using tilting motions, one should start at lower levels.
  • Visualize Your Path: Think of a route that you can take through the maze before you let go of your ball.
  • Slow & Steady Wins the Race: Small changes are your best friends! Avoid overcorrecting as it will move you off course.
  • Don’t Fear the Fail: Feeling trapped in a particularly painful labyrinth? Detach for some time and then return to it, sometimes an answer jumps right out!
  • Advanced Technique: Thinking about reversing the exit-to-start maze path for a mind-bending twist?

Play Maze Control Instantly on

Are you ready to put your skills into a test? On, you can experience Maze Control, a game where you have to solve a maze. Here’s why:

  • No Downloads Needed: It takes only one click and you are playing immediately on your browser!
  • Free & Handy: And it is free! Play Maze Control anytime and anywhere.
  • Game While Moving: Perfect for quick breaks at school, during commutes, or whenever you need to freshen up mentally.

The Puzzle Challenge Is Awaiting!

If you enjoy games that make you think, require skill and give the “eureka” moment afterwards, then you must play Maze Control. I still remember how I got addicted in the first encounter of those spinning mazes full of traps and since then, fun has never stopped happening. This is the moment when you finally conquer a challenging maze, Maze Control will definitely help you. It’s a great game for fans of other classic puzzle games such as Cut The Rope!