There Is No Game

There Is No Game: Defy logic, think outside the box, and click your way through a mind-bending puzzle game. The narrator says it's not a game…prove him wrong!
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There exists a talkative puzzle game that is sure to make you laugh in There Is No Game. You need to listen attentively in order to get hints on how to find the game literally within this game! The words in the title are used for unlocking levels, complete this funny game!

Kamizoto is the creator of There Is No Game, a point and click puzzle video game. The creator himself humorously narrates the game where he tries his best to convince the gamer that it is not a game or there is no game in it. From the narrator, try clicking on the screen of this fake thing to open up about its characteristics and ways of playing it. Annoy him by playing this and use your mouse as an aid.



There Is No Game offers a puzzle game that defies all odds while balancing self-awareness with humor. It’s an adventure gaming point-and-click which insists it isn’t one at all, but behind its snide narrator and weird circumstances lies a genuinely clever and enjoyable experience.

What Makes There Is No Game So Special?

The entire There Is No Game is based on meta-humor and cheeky rebellion against any old traditional design of games. Here’s what makes it different:

  • The Narrator: Your Constant Companion: Expect a grumpy old sarcastic narrator who will do anything possible to discourage you from completing the puzzles. His remarks when he gets tired or tries hard not to help you out with some clues only add another level of absurdity and appeal.
  • Think WAY Outside the Box: Forget straightforward riddles. Sometimes you’ll have to click invisible objects, mess with your browser window or even solve puzzles involving computer volume controls themselves! This approach may sound glorious!
  • A Hidden Gem of an Adventure: Although the protagonist refuses simple adventure tag about his identity or existence, there is actually something cute inside him waiting to be discovered. From faulty video landscapes to meeting eccentric characters, the process is unpredictable, similar to the humor.

Why Play There Is No Game?

The reason why There Is No Game got added on, because;

  • Short Bursts of Brain-Bending Fun: These are quick puzzles that one can do in order to break away from other activities for some time.
  • Creative Challenge: Imagine as if your brain was working out with an enjoyable logic contest. You will always have fun and remain alert with unexpected solutions.
  • Guaranteed Laughter: As you go against the narrator or find a dumbest solution, it becomes hard to hide a smile on your face


How to Play There Is No Game

Want to outsmart the narrator and embrace the chaos?

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Don’t be fooled by There Is No Game! It is a real kick with unforeseen twists and turns. The reason why people are loving this ‘not a game’ can be found at UnblockedGamesaz.

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