Toss The Turtle Unblocked

Get ready for absurd turtle-launching mayhem! Play Toss the Turtle Unblocked on for free - tips, tricks, and addictive gameplay. Play now!
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Ever seen a turtle get thrown into the sky before? What about a turtle crashing through a building? That’s what you’ll see in Toss the Turtle Unblocked, one of the wildest games ever made – and it’s available to play unblocked on!

What is Toss the Turtle Unblocked?

Some places block access to certain websites, especially those with games. But with “Toss the Turtle Unblocked,” you can bypass these restrictions and launch your little reptile as far as possible on, your best source for unblocked games.

Prepare for Launch

Here’s how to send this turtle soaring:

  • Cannon Time: You start off by loading your tortoise into an enormous cannon.
  • Aim & Blast: Choose an angle and power level… then FIRE! Watch him rocket into the air.
  • Upgrade Everything: Collect coins while he flies away and spend them on insane add-ons like nuclear bombs, penguins, angels and more that will help you throw the turtle even further.
  • Launch Again & Again: Don’t stop until you set a new record.

Pro Tips for Tossing Your Turtle

Want to become an expert at launching reptiles? Follow these steps:

  • Devious Detonations: Additional cannons, rockets and explosive objects wait above ground. Time them right so they give you extra boosts when passing by.
  • Power Spending: Buy more powerful launches first. Then upgrade everything else so you have enough money to make tons of wild purchases.
  • Strange Combos: Play around with different combos of upgrades. How about turning on that giant magnet while flying next to a UFO?

Why We Love This Game

Toss the Turtle is completely absurd. It’s perfect if you need something silly to laugh at or want to relieve stress by watching a shell-flinging master take flight.

Play Toss the Turtle Unblocked Today

Are you ready to toss this poor creature across space? Visit and start playing Toss the Turtle Unblocked right now. While you’re there, check out our massive library of other unblocked games!