BLACKPINK Returns to KartRider: Drift with 10 Cosmic Tracks!

Racers, keep your helmets on! This 2024, KartRider: Drift is launching with a massive “Northeu Theme” update. Zoom beyond the stars on ten new space-themed tracks to compete. Additionally, K-pop supergroup BLACKPINK has teamed up with the title for an epic collaboration!

Lace-up in costumes based on BLACKPINK’s JISOO, JENNIE, ROSÉ, and LISA, as well as a variety of other cosmological goods. This update is not only aesthetically catchy but also delivers new chances like a modified shop and further capabilities.

This mix of excellent gaming content and a popstar cluster ensures that gamers reenroll in their droves. With this spectacular announcement, KartRider: Drift is obviously declaring itself in the racing classification. As a result, the universe is KartRider: Drift’s oyster!