Call of Duty: Warzone Goes Mobile! Cross-Play Mayhem Arrives on iOS and Android

The battle royale giant, Call of Duty: Warzone, has moved to your phone! Warzone Mobile is now available on iOS and Android, delivering the franchise’s trademark chaos to the palm of your hand!

Expect fast-paced battles with up to 120 combatants in such popular venues as Verdansk and Rebirth Island. However, it’s not only a scaled-down version of Warzone – there’s also Team Deathmatch, Domination, and additional classic modes to choose from.

The real changer is cross-progression. That fresh Operator you just unlocked on your phone? Bring it to life right now! Weapons that have progressed on your tablet would be deadliness on the TV screen, too.

It’s not a fully polished version of CoD Mobile; it’s a distinct version of the Warzone experience. Make sure to check in on the Day Zero event, as players will gain advantages that will pass on to other Call of Duty games published in the past year!

If you’re using a brand-new iPhone 15 Pro/Max or iPad with an M1 chip, you’ll be able to witness peak graphical settings, which allow for the most intense graphic displays.

The fact is: Warzone Mobile is a massive addition to Call of Duty fans and offers an efficient mechanism for having fun on the go. Perhaps the scene is desperately in need of some dynamism.