MLB Rivals Goes Big for 2024 Season: New Mode, Player Boosts, & Awesome Rewards

Fans of MLB Rivals, get ready to knock it out of the park – the hit mobile baseball game just released a massive season opener update with some new and improved features. Here’s what’s what:

  • “Rival Series”: Are you a baseball buff? Prove it in this brand-new game mode! Fill your team with current players as well as with their all-time great counterparts and play through a complete 162-game season.
  • “Rival Pick”: Make your favorite players even stronger! This feature allows you to enhance their stats and potential, helping you create the strongest team possible.
  • Style-Down the 2024 Season: MLB Rivals Has you covered with a Player Selective Live Pack to choose your own player and some fun with the Season Opening Special Scout Event beginning March 29.

And it gets even better!

MLB Rivals, especially for baseball fans who enjoy the strategy of putting together a winning squad, is more exciting than ever before. The game may seem daunting at first, but with enhancements like this arrival major update, it is well worth getting your cleats dirty. Check the MLB Rivals community page for additional information on the update, and let’s make this season unforgettable!