Strange Horticulture Blooms on Mobile This March!

Are you a fan of enigmas and something mystical? If yes then get ready because Strange Horticulture the hit puzzle game is spreading on your phone! Developers have carefully adapted this unique plant-filled mystery for the perfect mobile experience.

What is new? Smoother layouts for easy touch controls, options for clearer fonts, and wide-view dialogue boxes so you never miss a clue. Plus, choose between tapping or swiping to tend to your weird and wonderful plants.

Strange Horticulture download

Concerned about performance? Adjust those graphics settings! Low to save battery life or high for a full visual feast. And of course, in-game cats can still be petted (because who doesn’t need that).

And guess what? Strange Horticulture is globalizing! The whole story is at your disposal in 15 languages.

Don’t forget: March 26th sees the launch of Strange Horticulture on the App Store and Google Play, selling at just $4.99.