Gear Up! Warpath’s 3rd Anniversary Brings Battles, Prizes, and Glory

Commanders, prepare yourselves! To celebrate its third anniversary, the popular military strategy MMO Warpath will go off with a bang. There’s going to be an in-game shindig with presents, special events, and an opportunity to show your ingenuity.

For some time only there are fifteen new events full of gifts offered by Warpath. Conquer the “Gunning for the Top” and get the Galactic Adventurer skin at last. Do not miss out on the “Honorary Tribute,” where you can collect unique medals as an ode to your triumphs on various battlefields. In addition, try joining the gold rush if you would like to have a share of one hundred million gold!


Warpath allows gamers to control an extensive arsenal of customizable land and air units. You can even recreate epic battles across the world ranging from thick forests to sprawling cities. With over one hundred kinds of tanks, infantry, artillery, etc., strategic domination is boundless.

Teamwork is vital in Warpath. This means teaming up, negotiating with fellow Commanders, and employing cunning diplomacy so that one may enlarge his empire further. Furthermore, hone your accuracy and battlefield awareness as you test your mettle on thrilling sniper missions.

Get started now! The App Store, Google Play, and PC offer Warpath games for free access too. They’ll let you know how their birthday party goes on Instagram, Facebook, Discord, Twitter, or visit their official website.