“Flip it” Challenges Arrive in Game Room, But is it Enough?

Apple Vision Pro has a multiplayer AR board game named Game Room that recently became more competitive! In the first major update, there is “Flip it,” a new, exciting game in which players fight to outdo their opponents and physically turn their way to monopoly over the boards.

By capitalizing on the spatial AR technology of Vision Pro, Game Room makes traditional board games like Chess or Solitaire come alive on any surface.  Also, you can easily challenge your friends with crossplay for iPhone and iPad.

Is “Flip it” Enough?

Nevertheless, this addition of a new game may not be sufficient for some fans. The single-game focus might leave others hoping for more types of play that would maximize Vision Pro’s possibilities.

With titles such as Honkai: Star Rail boasting Vision Pro compatibility while established mobile hits like Balatro are hitting iOS ports, competition among developers is rife in attracting gamers. Therefore, AR board game fans will require Game Room to enhance its collection rapidly.

What’s your take on the update? Eager for more games, or is “Flip it” all you need? Let us know in the comments!