OGame Declares War on Boredom with Cuddly Destroyer Plushie

Erasing coffee mugs and t-shirts from your mind, OGame – the classic space war MMO – has taken an unpredictable approach to its merchandise. They are converting their terrible Destroyer spaceship into a cuddly plushie!

Makeship is hosting this community-driven campaign which gives fans the opportunity to make this fluffy inconsistency come true.  Before now, OGame, the legend since 2002, was known for such normal merch. But why go for standard when you can do outrageously cute instead?


Just think about it: a fuzzy destroyer fitted with squishy materials. It’s that kind of unexpected quirkiness that would make old-time OGame players look twice. And let’s face it: who wouldn’t want a plushie spaceship in their collection?

The campaign allows fans to be directly involved in making this special piece of OGame memorabilia happen.  Sometimes, cuteness is the only way through which one conquers space.

Want to join? Well then visit Makeship where there is a campaign by OGame Destroyer plushie and start thinking about how you can snuggle in your galaxy. Play OGame today on iOS and Android!