Forget Missiles, This Hero Uses a Boomerang to Fight Demons!

Forget sword and sorcery! In “Boomerang RPG: Watch out, Dude!” you throw a trusty boomerang to destroy hordes of invading demons. The sequel to the quirky “Missile Dude RPG” puts you in a fantasy world taken over by evil, where a baby called Dude destined for future greatness finds his perfect weapon -the ultimate counterattack weapon, which is a boomerang!


Throwing and catching is not enough. In this game upgrade your hero – Dude, as well as his faithful boomerang. Infuse it with absurd magical powers, including dressing up Dude in silly outfits that increase his strength like funny hats (an example would be an egg hat).

Teamwork makes the dream work: join forces with other quirky Dudes and battle those pesky demons in action-packed modes like Bounty Missions and the Titanium Golem Dungeon. Need more power? Acquire unique friends and upgrade them to make your whole team invincible.


Launch Celebration Fun

To start things off right, “Boomerang RPG: Watch Out Dude!” is going to have a seven-day kick-ass event. Just log on for special goodies like an epic plunger hat (don’t knock it till you try it though).

Do you feel like throwing some boomerangs at demonic beings? Well, now you can because our game is available on Android and iOS platforms. Want to see more of this strange yet fascinating world? Visit the developer’s website, YouTube, or Twitter page for Super Planet.