Tired of Heroes? Unleash Your Inner Demon Lord in “Monsters Never Cry”

Tired of playing the same old valiant hero? It’s time to embrace your dark side with the new idle gacha RPG, “Monsters Never Cry”. This game has exploded onto the scene, skyrocketing up the charts since its recent release for iOS and Android.

Think of it as Dungeon Keeper meets Monster collecting. As the Demon Lord, your mission is to rebuild the Exiled City and unleash an army of terrifying beasts against the pesky forces of the Hero King. Hatch monstrous eggs, build your ultimate lair, and dominate those do-gooders with clever strategy.


“Monsters Never Cry” is bursting with features! Roll the gacha for powerful creatures, build and upgrade your monstrous base, and earn rewards even while you’re away. Think you have what it takes to be the ultimate villain?

Will “Monsters Never Cry” be the next mobile gaming obsession or just a fleeting craze? Only time will tell…but if you’re craving villainous gameplay, this one’s a must-try.

Download “Monsters Never Cry” now on iOS and Android!